How do you react when you believe in pheromones?February 9, 2017February 9, 2017administrator

How do you react when you believe in pheromones? I get tense, unhappy, upset, and tend to start to be very needy of their attention and approval. I manipulate my face, my body, my actions, to look more ‘approvable’, which feels very stressful. I start to change my intentions, start to mask my true nature, start to hide myself away from people – which all feels very mean to myself, and stressful. I get angry, hurt and upset when I don’t get their approval. I get to feel self-righteous, like a victim, and like a miserable poor soul if I don’t get their approval. I feel very tense around them and like I have to watch my every action and every word — and so I start to overthink everything and overanalyze my actions and words, which makes me feel very low inside. I get dependent, needy and totally and completely upset with people, like the girls whose approval I think I need, other guys, the KKK members as you said, my parents, or God. I feel inferior, subservient and low. Learn more at and

I even feel a rebellious urge to strike out in advance, so that I can somehow ‘reject them before they reject me’. It’s very stressful, and very separate. It feels very pained and victim-like. It gives me stress and misery. What do you fear would happen if you didn’t believe that pheromones? That I would never get their approval, and because of this that I would somehow be punished. Can I absolutely know that? No. What I can now is that I am punishing myself now by believing the pheromones — it feels like hellish, stressful living, and keeps me feeling trapped and upset. I also fear that I would miss out on something (sex with these girls, good relationships with people, etc.) Can I absolutely know that? No. In fact, from the evidence of what I’ve said, I’m missing out on all that now by striking out at them, lashing out in my head, feeling needy and inferior and so on — I’m not having good relationships or sex because my defenses and subservience due to the pheromones. Who would you be without the pheromones? Really open-hearted. Calmer and more pleasant. More present in the moment. Just feeling really chill and calm being around them. Not so manipulative; much more peaceful and at ease with myself. I’d just feel loving and caring for them as they are, without needing anything from them. I’d feel calmer and like a better human being. I wouldn’t feel a need to impress them. Who would you be without the pheromones? More open, more connected. I’d feel more loving and less chained, more free. I’d just feel like a more loving human being, more keen to be with people and love them freely, and more openly. I’d just listen more clearly, and be more accepting when people talked and told me what to do. I’d see the love behind people’s telling me what to do. I’d see some more of the purity behind their intentions. Learn more at